Carolin Q. Wild

Kaua'i | HI

Visual Development, CG Lighting & Supervision

Visual Development, Implementation and Supervision 3d Lighting (Maya) and Redshift renderer. Crafted new production techniques using proprietary game engine technologies. Supervised artists of overseas animation studios to create award-winning TV shows and procedures.


Splash & Bubbles - PBS KIDS

Television | 80 x 11' | Age Group: Preschool 

Which Witch - Development

Feature Film | Character Exploration     

Sid - The Science Kid - PBS TV and
Sid - The Movie (3D Feature Film)

Television | 60 x 30' | Age Group: Preschool 
Sid The Movie | 80' | Age Group: 5-10

Paintings - Acrylics on Canvas


Word Party - NETFLIX

Word Party | Netflix TV Series

About Me

Carolin Q. Wild

I was born and raised in Erlangen, Germany and currently work and live on Kaua'i, HI.

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